Tuesday, September 1, 2009

You Deserve All the Best

By looking at the title of this post, I believe that everyone agrees that each one of us deserves to have the best we can have in this life. And I bet if I ask each one of you, you will all say you want what's best for you. But what's best for you does not necessarily become the things that you want. For example, you wish to go to this university A but then you got accepted in university B. There is nothing wrong with university B, both are very good. But life has directed you toward university B and all you have to fo is to follow the path that life has chosen for you. While you're walking along the road, just be the best you can be. I guarantee that you will eventually get the best also. Here's an article about how we can all get the best of what we can have by seeking and avoiding certain things. Three Things to Avoid, Three Things to Seek

Many folks struggle with the idea of being deserving. They feel that there is something wrong about them. That's why they feel they don't deserve happiness, love, wealth, you name it. Here are three things to avoid when trying to change your life. When you are trying to feel you do deserve all the best.

  1. Avoid comparing yourself with others, especially if they have more than you of whatever. You are unique and your situation does not match anyone else's. See yourself as an individual with your own special range of influence, which you truly have.
  2. Avoid comparing your present life with your life as a child. You were essentially powerless as a child, as is every child. What was then when, you were a child, does not control what can be when you are an adult.
  3. Avoid negative thinking. It is said that people have between 50,000 and 60,000 thoughts per day - - most of them negative. If most of your thoughts are negative, and they will be unless you make a concerted effort to change them, just think how you are perpetuating negativity in your life.

So, there is another side to this coin of thinking you deserve all the best. Here are three things to seek in your daily life - - leading to a better feeling about what you deserve.

  • Seek to define yourself as who you really are. One idea you need to distinctly consider is this: You are a child of the Universe. Yes, if you will, you are divine. Therefore, you deserve all the best.
  • Seek to know that what occurred in the past, whatever is was, need not limit you now. The past is gone. As much as is possible, forget it. Live in this moment. Make the most of this moment.
  • Seek to express yourself positively. You start that by be conscious (aware) of your thoughts when you take a minute, make a minute, to consider what you are thinking. Sounds peculiar, I know. But in order to halt the negativity in your thoughts, you must be come aware of those thoughts. Then, when you discover negativity, replace it immediately with positivity.
    Now, take these things to avoid and things to seek and apply them to life now. I believe you will feel immediately more deserving.

(Source by Dr. Robert Henry Schwenk from EzineArticles - images via imgfave.com)