Thursday, October 1, 2009

Ruffle Dress

Do you like ruffle dress? I like to see it but to be honest, I don't feel comfortable wearing it. If my body fits in the ruffle dress, I always feel like I have a bloated body. I think it's because of the layers of the dress. I feel like my body is being lost somewhere inside the dress ha ha. I know it sound silly, but it's just how I feel. Look what I found about the small fact of ruffle dress here. It says that:
"The ruffle was an example of the "hierarchical" element in dress. When women wore them, they always had another element to be noted. This was the "Seduction Principle," as it has been called, an attempt to exploit the wearer's charms as a woman. For example, women wore a ruffle in order to show their status in society. The Elizabethan compromise was to open the ruffle in front to expose the bosom, and to allow the ruffle to rise in gauze wings at the back of the head."
Isn't it such a really fascinating fact? But that was way back then and look at the ruffle dresses below. So cute, aren't they? However, I might want to wear the second last dress, the yellow one..the layers are not so big and with the shoes..oh so nice!

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