Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Listen to the song..

Yesterday I was listening to this song and then I remember a friend of mine who happened to love the song too. But the things is, someone she hated so much loved the song too. I was wondering how it would be like if someone you hate love the song you like? So, I've done a little research on my tumblr. The question is:

"Will you like a certain song if someone you hate love that certain song too?"

Here's what I got. Most of the respondents said that they will still love to hear the song that they don't really care who else is loving the song, even the person they don't like. And about's kinda hard to answer the question. I will say that I will still listen to the song=) How about you? Will you still hear the song? You can see all the answers below.
  1. mydearlover answered: Yep.
  2. meghashalavadi answered: yes, a song has nothing to do with the person you hate :P
  3. shyest answered: Yes. I would like the song anyway.
  4. crochetedcactus answered: yea. i don’t really care who else is listening to the songs i listen to….
  5. theworldunderapillow answered: i would still like it of course
  6. danica-francis answered: Eh.. Yea.. it happens haha
  7. sallygator answered: always
  8. frawees89 answered: absolutely not.
  9. nahlamercy answered: if I knew the song before I knew the other person loves it I will
  10. nixxieism answered: yeah. i would care
  11. givestheworldherbest answered: music isn’t about that rivalry. it’s about how the song makes you feel.
  12. vjuice answered: no, I can’t! It reminds me of how happy it makes them and I remember how much they hurt me. I can’t ever listen to the Fray. for that reason.
  13. pinkflower92 answered: If the song makes you happy, then who cares about the other person who likes it !!!!
  14. bringmeupmusic answered: I will like any song which makes me feel something.
  15. thereisawill answered: Yes, I will. The song isn’t the person.
  16. jehlainetheinsane answered: Nope
  17. shishastar answered: yeah:))
  18. rockinvo8 answered: Eh I prob wouldn’t like it as much… But if it had a special meanin to me then I wouldn’t care
  19. ramencola answered: not anymore
  20. jogglemonkey answered: Depends on the reason for the hate. I’m shallow enough that I’d probably not listen to it anymore :s
  21. seesuestitch answered: of course, the song isn’t to blame!
  22. insidepain answered: yes
  23. itellsecretstomyfood answered: i will still like that song:)
  24. raindroponroses answered: Of course i still will.
  25. reginasworld answered: sure, wont change what i feel bout d person
  26. diimdiim answered: yes :)
  27. apriltheseventeenth answered: i guess i still will
  28. mrkisskissbangbang answered: Depends on how good the song is…
  29. shafeyqa answered: certainly
  30. kellyvela answered: yes
  31. stuffiheart answered: Yes. I don’t allow my life to be defined by people that don’t matter.
  32. whoskevin answered: yeh .. that tend to happen to me alot
  33. dallaezar answered: um….i don’t care : )
  34. lilyanm answered: why not? He doesn’t own it.
  35. jennjenen answered: probably No…
  36. imnumberone answered: nopeee
  37. izalicious answered: maybeee????
  38. michikoww answered: Of course. Minor circumstances.
  39. sawaboof answered: Absolutely. It’s not the song’s fault douche’s listen to it too.
  40. nheykiishineslikeastar answered: yea
  41. itsmything answered: it depends
  42. mabel17 answered: depends on the song..but usually if it will remind you of the person you hate.maybe not =P
  43. sadly-no answered: NO…coz it would remind me of them .
  44. xlock answered: Yes, I would. I would just hide it.
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