Wednesday, May 5, 2010

DIY Project..

Last time I made a posting about decoupage. Click here to read the posting. I am in love with it. It feels like I always want to make more and more decoupage. Decoupage comes from a French word 'cut. It is the craft of decorating household objects, usually wooden furniture or boxes, with pictures cut out of paper. I have this step-by-step process from The one they're making here is a wooden table. If you are new to decoupaging, you can use a shoe box to make your first trial on decoupage craft. Here are the things that you will need:

- An object that will be decorated
- Glue
- Paper (the one the will be on the object)
- Varnish

How to make a decoupage:(make sure that the object is clean, free from dust)

(cut the paper into pieces, any shape you want - make sure the paper is no too thick)

(glue the paper on the object - one surface only)

(if the edge is straight, you can straightly stick it without tearing the paper)

(make sure that all surface of the paper glued to the object, leave to dry)

(brush thin layer of varnish all over the area)


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