Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Have you seen the rainbow?

When it's raining, do you enjoy it? Often when it's raining I always hope there'll be beautiful rainbow after the rain has gone. But that rarely happens. Seeing a rainbow is like seeing something very rare and unique that at the exact point of time I feel very grateful being able to see it. It been some time since the last time I saw a rainbow. But how about a "rainbow" in our own life? Not literally a rainbow but things that can make bring you joy in your life. In this case we can always have rainbow everytime we want it. Always put it in your pocket so that everytime trouble comes, you can always pick it up and smile =) So, have you seen a rainbow in your life? Here's a short uplifting article I found on articlesbase written by Joan Marie Whelan.

The rainbow in our life is the promise that our higher source offers us each and every time sorrows rain into our lives. It is the promise that there is yet another blessing surfacing for us to experience.

Have you seen the rainbow in your life? If you have not, you are clearly missing the opportunity for you to start anew. It is that colorful rainbow that allows you to rediscover the joy and love that you may have lost. It allows you to redefine the unique individual you are as you see and feel the signs of hope and new possibilities that await you. It allows you to find the inner peace that, at this moment, you lack.

Metaphorically, your rainbow can be found in nature wherever you may go: It is the bird in the tree, the butterfly perched atop a branch or maybe it circles around your head, it is the breeze whisking through your hair and touching your face, it is the laughter of a child, it is the smile on your grandma's face, it is the hug from a friend, it is the warmth of the sun, it is the wetness from the rain – because it simply is.

From this day forward, I want you to rediscover the rainbows in your life. I promise that there are many you have missed and it is now time for you to realize that no matter where you go, what you do, who you see, what you encounter… that there is always a new perspective, a fresh beginning, a special bond between you and a higher power that you will survive, you will overcome and you will find happiness and contentment once again. See the rainbow in your life and live your promise today, tomorrow and every day.