Thursday, July 22, 2010


I saw this patterned outfits from Forever21 and loving it. It's Marc by Marc Jacobs’ 80’s inspired collection. The bow looks so cute on each outfit but somehow I'm not dare enought to wear such big bow. But, I'm one of those people who is not afraid to wear pattern dress. So, as usual, I've done a little survey on my Tumblr to see which of these 4 outfits people love the most. I personally love the first and the second one =) How about you?Here are the results:
  1. iamnada answered: the second look with the navy blue ribbon :)
  2. natalia-angulo-rico answered: bow one, dress two, fourth pair of shoes
  3. innocentveins answered: 2nd
  4. lorenianp answered: 2nd one
  5. yellowretro answered: 2 :)
  6. spray-can answered: the first one
  7. dancelover answered: the kind of blue dress.
  8. vsebayang answered: none
  9. itsredsummer answered: 2nd from the left
  10. matitas answered:
  11. laninalove answered: all of it!
  12. shadesofspring answered: first from the left!
  13. jogglemonkey answered: The one on the left. But the one next to it is more wearable :P
  14. naranjas answered: Not in LOVE with any of them :/. Sorry!
  15. itwillhappenifyoubelieve answered: the 2nd and 4th!
  16. stardustescape answered: I like the first one, but I love the second one.
  17. liezliezliez answered: the second one.:)))))
  18. misswenny answered: second from the right
  19. itgirlygirl answered: the second from left
  20. smalldreamsmakeithappen answered: the second one from the left!
  21. openhands answered: I love the first one. I like the contrasting colors.
  22. bottledmessage answered: second from the left dress
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  24. littlepretties answered: 4th!
  25. learnfromhistory answered: 2nd one
  26. godcanbefunny answered: 2nd from the left. i’d totally wear that.
  27. somedaywellknow answered: the second one is so cute!
  28. labellasignora answered: The second one… :-)
  29. yunhere answered: like the patterns.. but not too much the way they wore it
  30. adreamisawish answered: The first one! AND the last one! I loooove the bright colors!!
  31. helloiiloveyou answered: second
  32. loveisalosergame answered: The First and thrid
  33. jamietwilson answered: NONE
  34. joodiff answered: #3!
  35. quantumpossibility answered: the third one
  36. yellowcautiontape answered: the second one from the left has an amazing print. but it`s marc jacobs, what don`t you love?
  37. fuckyeahteaparty answered: second :)
  38. hellomynameislori answered: the second one
  39. iadelle answered: the yellow one with the pants.
  40. iamjunebug answered: the first one def.

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