Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Elements and Zodiac...

What are your main characteristics based on your sign? Furthermore, what elements falls under your zodiac? It is known that zodiac signs fall under four elements (fire, earth, air and water) in which each element has its own characteristics. Below I gather information from Wikipedia and Zodiac-Signs-Astrology regarding Element signs.

Let's see whether the characteristics of the element match you personality. My element sign which is Gemini falls under Air Element and I can say that those characteristic somehow match my personality, not entirely match but the majority of the explanation can be said to be true and applied to my personality. My fave sentence of the Air Element is this: "Air people live in their mind"...which I found very true. So, how about yours?

Here's the info from Wikipedia:

Each sign is associated one of the classical elements (water, fire, earth and air.) Fire and Air signs are considered positive or extrovert, masculine signs; while Water and Earth signs are considered negative, introvert, feminine signs.

  • Fire signs (Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius)
  • Earth signs (Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn)
  • Air signs (Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius)
  • Water signs (Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces)

And below is the explanation of each of the elements that I found via

Fire Signs - Aries, Leo, Sagittarius

Fire can do good, like cooking food to eat and keeping us warm or it can do great harm, like burning a house down. Fire is a combustible, unpredictable element, a chemical reaction that can go off easily and quickly go from a small flame to a raging fire. Fire astrology signs can ignite easily too, they are very temperamental however if managed properly, they can be very beneficial. In fact, fire signs must be managed and under control in order to be of benefit. Fire signs can be emotionally volatile yet they are very passionate. Fire can change it's course at an instant, those born under fire astrology signs are very dynamic and like the fire spreading, are the first to set out into the unknown and take initiative with adventurous enthusiasm. Fire is not a physical thing, it is quite mystical and fire astrology sign people apprehend the world through their intuition, they trust their gut instinct (or they should anyway) because it rarely ever leads them wrong. Fire people have a strong sense of self just like fire which has no regard over anything in it's path, fire people are quite self centered but they are moving so fast that they never get stuck on themselves, the fire needs to spread and explore. Fire people are impulsive and just like fire spreading, often leap before they look.

Earth Signs - Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn

Earth is real, you can see it, hold it, smell it. Suitably so, earth signs are very "down to earth" and real. Earth is the foundation on which everything is built. Earth people are solid and stable and composed of many different parts, they are multi faceted people, like the many mineral compounds that make the earth. There is nothing wishy-washy about these people, they do not have their head in the clouds, They are dependable, you know they will always be there and they are stable. Most of the time anyway, more stable then the other elements. Earth does not change. It stays there and allows whatever is growing to continue to grow and progress. Earth people are not fond of change, they like stability and regular life that can grow upon and develop. Why start something new if what is already there is fine? Earth people are the most materialistic and possessive of all astrology zodiac elements. Earth people are also concerned with what's on the surface and never really dig deep to get to the bottom of it, they are happy with what's on the surface.

Air Signs - Gemini, Libra, Aquarius

Air is the element that you cannot touch or see, but it can be mysteriously contained, like blowing up a balloon. When it is contained in this way, it somehow escapes or gets stale. Air people are free and cannot be contained or this same thing will happen to them. Air is uncertain and unpredictable, it can spawn a horrendous thunderstorm with violent winds and the pressure drops and raises by the minute. Air sign people are elusive in this way, they are unpredictable and eccentric. Air is the most necessary element, being necessary to fire, earth and water. Air people live in their mind. They are caught up in their thoughts which take them high to new levels where no other element can reach, like the upper atmosphere. Here they can formulate theories, solve problems clearly and see the world below. Air people are said to be out of touch with reality, but they are also very advanced in thinking. They are very mental oriented people having a knack for intelligence but also lacking emotional depth.

Water Signs - Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces

Water can be refreshing, like a cool stream or it can be dark and mysterious like the depths of the ocean. Water that is contained is easy to deal with, like swimming pool, water that is un-contained and out of control can do great damage, like a flood. Water signs represent the intuition and emotional aspects because it flows and it's liquid or it could be solid like ice, it can evaporate into air and turn into clouds. Water is complex and a paradox it is everywhere and can be almost anything. Water signs are the most emotional of all signs, they flow down deep and search out crevasses and cracks to explore, symbolic of the unknown emotions of the human psyche. Not only is water is essential to life and covers the whole globe, but water makes up the largest percentage of all living things. Since water is found in everything everywhere, water sign people have a knack for dealing with others, they can see into other people, they understand the motives and needs of other people and to sum it all up, they are borderline psychic and the most in-tune with others. This makes them empathetic, caring and helpful but they are over sensitive and can be easily hurt by others who do not acknowledge the sacrifices that have been made and how deeply involved they really are.

(article sources: wikipedia and zodiac-signs-astrology - image sources: weheartit)


Missy said...

My mister is also a Gemini and air sign. I think it suits him - he lives in the big pictures and not in the details.

I am an earth sign, which is partially true I think. I would consider myself down-to-earth, but I'm not materialistic or totally dependable..unfortunately haha. I'm always forgetting to catch up on things. (My friend is big into astrology) Apparently the common sign is called the sun sign, but there is also the rising sign and moon sign which have a lot to do with your personality.

Chinese astrology is also interesting. I'm happy it's the year of the rabbit - time for good luck!!

boya arsila said...

Wow..this is great if it turns up that hose characteristics suit you and your mister too...I am into astrology too. Would be nice to have a friend like yours who is big into astrology too =)

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