Thursday, July 28, 2011

Your emotion...

Have you ever drifted by your emotion? Can you control your emotion? I often think about it. I always think hundreds of times before when little by little my emotions drift me away. For example, when I was not in a good mood for laughing and joking with other people at a gathering or a party, I have two options...whether to go on with my not-so-good mood or go with the second option which is to get along and try to hide my emotions. If I were in that situation, I chose options 2, the reason is because I believe it's not other people's fault to joke around at that time but it's me who have to be able to put myself in the right situation. Maybe some people might think that it's the same as a poker face but I believe it's not. Hiding your emotion at the right time and at the right situation is fine. Can you imagine if my bad mood ruins other people's mood at the gathering or the party I mentioned earlier? So, how about you? Can you hide your feeling for the right time and situation or are you a kind of person who don't care about other people's emotion?

However, I am not saying that we always hide what we feel inside. That's not really good either. As far as we can control our emotion for the right purpose at the right time...that should be fine. Here's something I found (via here) about being in touched with our emotion:

However, being in touch with our emotions doesn’t necessarily equate with being out of control. We can be very in control and learn to use reason and logic alongside emotion and feelings. Learning to experience our emotions in an objective manner provides a way to think before we act, while still acknowledging the way we feel.
(citation source: shakeoffthegrind - image source: weheartit)


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