Monday, August 15, 2011

What the world needs now is...

Hello Monday. Hope this will be a good day for all of you. I did a little survey on my Tumblr. The reason of the survey is because I found this image below from The question is "What the world needs now is ___?" How about you? What will you answer be? From the other people's answers below, I can see many of them answered love, peace..some of them answered God. I personally will answer the question with "understanding". I can't really give you an explanation on why I chose that answer, but the first thing came up on my mind seeing the question is that exact word..understanding. How about you?

  1. everlaugh answered: trust!
  2. paperskyplanes answered: love sweet love!
  3. vitebubbles answered: LOVE
  4. kandika answered: love
  5. style-dey-naal answered: peace
  6. cookiecrumblr answered: more music!
  7. fusionfuss16 answered: peace and forgiveness..
  8. strangeranger answered: grace.
  9. hereismysilence answered: peaceful
  10. anhelante answered: Love
  11. wanttorunaway answered: love
  12. lalilaloba answered: peace, respect, love, trust
  13. feelingselfishandcool answered: understanding
  14. boitedepandore answered: nutella
  15. ohstanley answered: the zombie apocolypse.
  16. dm-lab answered: Equilibrio
  17. lolnats answered: hot pockets
  18. itsbeccahoe answered: Love
  19. captjasha answered: love. always.
  20. syira answered: peace
  21. devinclaire answered: love.
  22. alance answered: end
  23. throughsaraslookingglass answered: love :)
  24. ihatesoup answered: God
  25. hayleygirl67 answered: Jesus.
  26. moonshines answered: kindness :))
  27. xyrenesngrgr answered: God.
  28. birdgrounded answered: a savior.
  29. onecoynetwocents answered: a little less greed
  30. vsebayang answered: certainty
  31. canthavenick answered: Love.Music.Jonas.
  32. fashionfoodfun answered: appreciate the surrounding beauty
  33. elieejonas answered: peace
  34. blindlyoptimistic answered: love, sweet love :D
  35. drbrendajean answered: to just shut up and listen.
  36. vilmaborres answered: peace
  37. neuromorphicgirl answered: Kindness, love and respect
  38. ismelldanger answered: love
  39. speakinginparadox answered: love
  40. hellogreace answered: bridge to Saturn
  41. fishloadofjunk answered: God :)
  42. hataadalat answered: unity
  43. bebekbuluk answered: nature
  44. friendsontheotherside answered: GOD.
  45. mcgeek answered: love
  46. livejournalist answered: Improvement.
  47. dorkney answered: more bacon.
  48. beloved-lily answered: love. sweet love. that’s the only thing, that there’s just too little of
  49. contessadonaire answered: peace
  50. tashaterminate answered: Lots and lots of love.
  51. unityoflove answered: More love, less ass holes.
  52. idontwannaletthisgo answered: an answer to our promblems.
  53. skygel answered: love, peace and prayers..
  54. the-reverse-of-shade answered: hope
  55. rarambol answered: wisdom
  56. gypsyeyes-catfishblues answered: tolerance
  57. custardtart answered: God
  58. divineny answered: chaotic
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The Red Angel said...

I think what the world needs right now (and all the time) is compassion. If there was just a bit more compassion in this world, I think there would be less conflict, less fighting...and more understanding (like you said!), more solutions. So many people are quick to answer, act, and judge others without really thinking of where they are coming from or what they might be going through.


boya arsila said...

Compassion is such a deep meaning word, don't you think so...I kinda agree with you about compassion. I think we live in an instant world that we might often act without thinking...