Thursday, December 3, 2009

This is home..

When I turned on my laptop this morning while my coffee is still so hot, I searched for a perfect song to play on this usual morning. I looked my my song list and found this song that I haven't played since quite some time. The song is called "This is home" from Switchfoot. It is one of the soundtrack of the movie Narnia. I'm posting the video not because of the movie but the feeling I have everytime I hear this song. Don;t you think it's always feel so good when you can finally able to go back to the place that you can call a home? I've been abroad for 3 years, and everytime I went back to my home felt so good. Well..wherever it is, a place that you can call a home is the best place for you, because home is where the heart is. Enjoy the video=)


I've got my memories
Inside of me
But I can't go back
Back to how it was

I believe you now I've come too far
No I can't go back
Back to how it was

Created for a place I've never known

This is home

Now I'm finally

Where I belong Where I belong
Yeah, this is home
I've been searching For a place of my own
Now I've found it Maybe this is home
Yeah, this is home

Belief over misery I've seen the enemy
And I won't go back Back to how it was

And I got my heart
Set on What happens next
I got my eyes wide It's not over yet
We are miracles And we're not alone

And now after all My searching
After all my questions I'm gonna call it home
I got a brand new mindset I can finally see
The sunset I'm gonna call it home

Now I know Yeah, this is home
I've come too far And I won't go back
Yeah, this is home


Unknown said...

i couldn't help but reference the "chronic 'what" les of narnia" skit on snl? it had to happen.

i'm JUST sayin.....

boya arsila said...

Hi Jamie..just saw the video =p