Monday, January 4, 2010

Black is not Gloomy

How do you feel seeing a room with a black painted wall? Dark, gloomy and scary...those are what I have in mind. When I see someone paint his/her room black, I can say that the person is somewhat an introvert. But that was what I thought until I saw this decor with black wall. Oh My God, it is so good that all of a sudden I know that what I thought was all wrong about black painted color. I can say that it's not the color (black) but it's how you manage to put the black color in accordance with the other colors...Look at these black color walls below. Aren't those gorgeous?(image source: Atlanta Homes, Casahoward, Elle Decor ,Livingetc, Alkemie)


Anonymous said...

Love these pictures. Black is not gloomy at all!

boya arsila said...

Yes..after is not that dark=)