Monday, January 11, 2010

Happiness...A way of life..

There are some people who always seem hard to find happiness. And when you see people who are rich, you might think that they are happy but they are not always happy actually. In this world, it's not money that can bring you happiness but the inner self of you. We don't need to spend on those high value thing or material things but all we need is our heart and our mind to be happy. Don't you think so? I personally would rather choose to have less money but have happiness in the world than have lots of money but feel empty inside. I believe that happiness is how you make the best of every situation in your life. That doesn't mean that you have to follow what other people are doing. Each of us has our own "games" that we "play". So, why bother following other people's ways? We have to be confident that we are the one who can find our own happiness. Here are some of the points taken from David Cantu,a Life Coach about happiness as a way of life.

  • No single formula exists for a happy life. We are each unique beings with differing needs and values. Many tools are available to aid you in living happily, many paths; but the foundation for that life includes a few essentials: love, virtue, effort, a clear mind, and meaning.
  • Chief among these elements is love, without which life is empty - not romantic love (which can be tasty and delicious) but love of self. Self-love is synonymous with self-respect or personal worth; with it we're able to receive love, without it we instead build barriers to others. Being able to take in love is the first step to giving love and to being happy.
  • Virtue is a challenge for all of us! But its role in creating happiness is made clear in the words of Confucius: "Virtue is never left to stand alone. He who has it will have neighbors." Living a life of virtue is a safety net for everyone on the path to becoming a joy magnet because it connects us firmly to our community. It is a synonym for giving and love, the golden rule.
  • True effort is required to achieve any worthwhile objective in life, but it must be made with the correct goal in mind. Many people work diligently but make hardly any progress. Whether you call it joy, peace, or freedom, know that your goal is great happiness. See your life as one giant experiment. Life is a struggle full of landmines, there is no doubt about that. Develop the determination to overcome challenges.
  • A clear mind is the light that guides us to fulfillment. Perhaps this is the most difficult of the happiness requirements for anyone to implement. I believe the reason for this is that it is very hard for us to step out of our own skin, to see ourselves as we really are rather than how we imagine ourselves to be. I also believe clarity of mind can be learned; it can be practiced. The best tools for this are daily doses of humility, listening, and meditation.
  • These four ingredients - love, virtue, effort, and a clear mind - give our lives substance and direction. Yet they are not enough; meaning is still lacking. To be happy you must be true to yourself; you must seek and live that which makes your heart sing. Your life and your work must be significant - to you. Treat yourself also to the pleasures of life. A hedonistic life is fun and seductive, but will never suffice to create happiness. However, a life bereft of pleasure won't either. We should be passionate both about our work and about those things that make us feel good: the myriad sensations and sweetness of nature.

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