Monday, January 25, 2010

connection between two unique individuals

Found this writing a while ago. I just had the chance to really read through it again and it was so nice. It is about relationship between two individuals or lover to be more precise. It tells us how are we going to be all along the ups and downs on the relationship. And of course how we feel the love it brings to us. The infinite connection between two unique individuals; its something that changes your whole entire life. love has its ups and downs but if you still have love at the end of the day your blessed. if you can put everything aside for love; if you can forgive someones mistakes; if you could do anything for that one person, you’re truly in love.

True love is what everyone wants to find before they descend the world; but its better if you let it find you. when you learn to love someone and they learn to love you the true effects of love show. you feel like your on top of the world. you learn to think of someone before anyone else. the person you love somewhat becomes your concern, your responsibility, and after awhile simply your everything. you become a lot happier then you usually are. in a way your entire world is effected by this one person. your day changes with their presence; you cant help to giggle, laugh, and smile.

When you truly love someone, they’re the one person that has the magic ability to almost control your moods. they have the complete ability to break your heart but don’t because they love you too much. love is different for everyone, if you’re lucky enough to experience a true love, feel extra special because not everyone gets a chance to feel loved.
(source from Lovelynn via I Heart Love Stories - image via