Monday, January 4, 2010

New Year Resolution..'s your holiday? Mine was good, a holiday with family and boyfriend. Nothing is better than that. How about your new year resolution? Do you have any? I always make new year resolutions. Not many, just two or maybe three. Last year I was able to accomplished all my new year 2009 resolutions. Not it's about time to accomplish new resolutions. I know that sometimes it is not easy to stick into your resolutions. I usually write down my resolutions on a really nice piece of paper, with my handwriting on it. I stick it on my cupboard, so every time I open it I can always see my targets that must be achieved. Here are some of the ways to make simple New Year Resolutions. It's not too late to make one=)
  • Write down your goals
  • Statistics show that 75% of what we write down happens. Putting your goals on paper both alerts your brain that you are "open for business," as well as sending a strong and positive message to the universe, declaring that you are, indeed, "in the game!"
  • Take a leap of faith
  • Jump right into change. Now is as good a time as any to start working toward a more satisfying future. If not now, when?
  • Set your mind
  • It starts and ends in the mind. If you resolve to walk every day, don't let the rain dissolve your resolve! There are always the stairwells at work or at home! And there's even rain gear!
  • Be specific
  • Don't write or say, "I'm going to lose weight." Do write and say, "I am going to permanently remove 10 pounds."
  • Visualize
  • When you visualize, your brain "practices" your action. See yourself eating less, exercising more, relaxing, succeeding, smiling, being in a happy relationship, making money, singing, dancing, etc! Woo hoo!!
  • Less is more
  • The more things you try to change in a short period of time, the less likely you are to change anything over the long term. Pace yourself. Don't try and change 50 things at once.
  • Create a vision board
  • Find inspiring quotes, motivating pictures, or anything that reminds you of your goal and collage these bits n' pieces together on paper and place it where you can see it!
  • Accentuate the positive
  • Looking at the bright side of things will definitely generate more energy and enthusiasm that will help you to go after your dreams.
  • Get some daily inspirations
  • There's nothing like an inspiring message being delivered to your email in-box.
  • Be Patient
  • People want immediate results, but change takes time. Remember that it's the journey that's important.
(article source from beliefnet - image sources: designcuriosities, flickr, weheartit)


Anonymous said...

Wow thanks hun! This post was very helpful. I am going to write my resolutions down so I can see them everyday. I'm thinking in the bathroom on my mirror.

boya arsila said...

Michelle: You're most welcome Dear=) Oh..and that mirror in the bathroom will be a perfect spot..