Friday, January 23, 2009

5 Small And Inhabited Private Islands

Check this out..Few days ago I stumbled upon this article...These 5 islands are the smallest islands in the world and surprisingly people actually live there...I wonder what would happen to "Just Room Enough, 1000 Islands" (picutre below) if there's a big tide coming...Can the poeple who live in that house/island actually have time to save themselves?
But what I have in mind is this...If only I could give my dad one of these islands for his birthday present..He loves the sea soooo much...Hmm let me see..Among these 5 islands, I'd pick Dunbar Rock, Honduras for him...A girl can dream,can't she?
Unknown Property, Les Cheneaux Islands
Las Isletas, Nicaragua
Just Room Enough, 1000 Islands
Dunbar Rock, Honduras
Clingstone, Rhode Island
(source: stumbleupon)


Sara Lonngren said...

wow...i can't even imagine how beautiful the mornings and evenings would be. Just hope there wouldn't be any hurricanes!

boya arsila said...

the sunrise and the sunset will surely be wonderful..