Monday, September 20, 2010

10 things we can’t have without the other

I came across this article on Marc and Angel Hack Life. The fist line stated: "Because one without the other makes less sense than none at all…". Life is all about balance. It's like yin and yang. There are things that we can't do without the other pair. Like a pair of shoe, it's useless unless we have a complete pair of it. And here are the list of 10 things that we can't have when we don't have the other...

  1. Money without Labor – We do not value what we do not earn.
  2. Loyalty without Trust – Loyalty will vanish in the absence of trust.
  3. Appreciation without Education – We cannot fully appreciate what we do not fully understand.
  4. Wisdom without Experience – True wisdom is the product of many life experiences.
  5. Power without Checks and Balances – Unfettered power leads to greed and corruption.
  6. Business without Sincerity – Crooked businessmen are prison bound… if they’re lucky.
  7. Success without Sacrifice – Success doesn’t find us, we find it.
  8. Policy without Justification – Without justification, policy is just another form of tyranny.
  9. Happiness without Peace of Mind – A mind at ease is already pleased.
  10. Beginnings without Endings – A great, new beginning rises from another beginning’s end.
(source: Marc and Angel Hack Life - image sources:


Anonymous said...

It is interesting how we live our lives and never really think about things that we can't have without the other. Fun list.

boya arsila said...

that's exactly what I was thinking when I first read the post =)

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