Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Balenciaga Fall Fashion

Few days ago I posted pictures of 3 outfits of Balenciaga Fall 2010 ( on my Tumblr just to see which one people love the most. Most people tend to choose the middle one. I think it's becauseof the color. As for me, I love the third one =) Here is the full result...

  1. shelbynichter answered: three
  2. bellaandbrain answered: #3
  3. adreamisawish answered: The middle one, minus the shoes.
  4. alwaysperfecto answered: the middle one :)
  5. tenaciousmademoiselle answered: far right.
  6. 3amsessions answered: 3
  7. twobirdsononewire answered: that collections heels are so awesome!
  8. elusivedreamer answered: The one on the right! :)
  9. aleksandra-chabros answered: none ;P
  10. bamboozled-arts answered: most right…!
  11. shimian answered: no idea
  12. learnfromhistory answered: far right
  13. white-crow answered: second
  14. in-myheart answered: i go for the 2nd/middle one. so chic and classy.
  15. bebekbuluk answered: middle
  16. sheissuigeneris answered: Middle. Fo’ sho!
  17. trishyeah answered: the middle or the right one
  18. mountainsaremountains answered: 3
  19. loveallthatisbeautiful answered: middle one :)
  20. allthingsgodly answered: 2
  21. missmessyjessie answered: last one!
  22. kwonhoney answered: third.
  23. karolslame answered: second.
  24. theonekorita answered: second :)
  25. spray-can answered: second
  26. crazyinsane answered: The middle sweater! :D
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