Thursday, September 16, 2010


Hi everyone. How are you all doing? I just came back from my long holiday. Actually I did nothing on my holiday, just need sometime just to be with myself and the loved ones =) There was one day on my long holiday which I spent at home..alone. It's been quite some time when I get a chance to be home alone, literally. It felt so peaceful just to do nothing and just empty your mind, stare at the ceiling and listen to the rain. Heavenly!

So, I've spent most of the time in my room and thinking about re-decorating my room. My bedroom theme is now blue and white, it's a mix between minimalist and contemporary decor. It's quite a bright room and now I'm thinking about changing it into a more neutral and warm color or maybe a classic one. I want to make it a bit darker. I have beige, cream and brown in my head as the new theme color for my room. Here are some of the inspirations...

(image sources: image 1&4 livingetc, image 2 countryliving, image 3 gardenweb)

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