Monday, April 11, 2011

Happy Weekend..

Hello Monday. Hello You =) How's your weekend went? Mine was perfect! Yesterday (April 10th) was my Engagement Party. We, Indonesians, call it "Lamaran" in which literally means "Proposing". This is how we do it in our culture:

My man and the rest of his big family, not just his father, mother and siblings but with the whole family from his father's side and his mother's side came to have a visit to my place. On the same condition, I have to gather all of my father's big family and my mother's big family to come to my house to greet my man's big family and to welcome them into my place. The event consists of the introduction of whole family members and the most crucial thing on the event was when my boyfriend's father asked permission to my parents to let his son marry me. After my parents gave permission, my boyfriend's family gave me some kind of gifts called "Hantaran". In return, I gave my boyfriend "Hantaran" too. That's how we do it in our culture.

Other than the engagement itself, what makes me feel so happy is to see the whole family from both sides getting along. And seeing that all of our family member were willing to spend their Sunday to attend the event. I feel so grateful to be surrounded by my big family. There's no better feeling that finding new family members. Below is what I was wearing yesterday. I will post some of the other pictures later =) Have a great Monday...


Liv said...

Hi there! (greetings from the U.K.)

Congrats on your engagement! Your engagement party sounds like it was a lot of fun! It actually sounds quite similar to one from my culture.

I absolutely love reading your blog because its so positive and uplifting, and it also gives me something to think about at times.

Keep up the great work and best wishes to you and your Fiance on your engagement.

God bless
Liv :)

Kimmy said...

Hi there. I follow your tumblr and reblogged almost everything cause it's just that awesome.

I didn't know you were indonesian! congrats on your engagement and you look gorgeous in the traditional attire. very pretty.


boya arsila said...

aaawww..thank you so much Liv and Kimmy for the sweet greetings =)

Liv: nice to know the blog can give you some good thoughts..and yes the engagement party was so much fun...God bless you too =)

Kimmy: Yes, I'm Indonesian. thanks so much for the lovely greeting..

Trece said...

Congratulations!! You look luminous with joy! I am so happy that the families get along!! Your tradition soulds better to me than no one meeting till the day of the wedding, as is often the case here.
Have you set a date yet?

boya arsila said...

Hi Trece...thank you. Yes, so good to see the two big families getting along so well =) and yes, I have set the date. the wedding reception will be on June 4th. Really can't wait..xoxo

yoursecretgirl ♥ said...

Congratulations Boya! :D I'm really happy for you.
I usually read your blog, but I never left a comment before. :) But today I really liked to congratulate you for this big moment of your life. :D

boya arsila said...

Hi there yoursecretgirl ♥,

thank you for your comment =) much love from me .. xxxx

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