Thursday, April 21, 2011

Transparent Boots..

There's always something new everyday for fashion industry. And women know that we always need new shoes, right? So, I found this boots on, and I don't know whether I should love it or hate it. It looks nice but I don't know how our feet will feel using those boots. If it's comfortable, maybe I would wear it. But I have to make sure that my nails are done though =) What do you all think about this "transparent boots"? I will try to ask my Tumblr followers and try to see what they think about these boots...


Swiss said...

Wow, I give them credit for originality. If something is that original, who cares what it looks like, just wear it, haha. I didn't even think about how they would feel - would probably make your feet sweat :/

(Just found your blog, and I love your collection of quotes, so insightful! Excellent job!)

boya arsila said...

That's true hahaha I had the same thought, probably make your wet sweat! =p

Anyway...thank you...

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