Thursday, April 28, 2011


Life is always about give and take, it's all about balancing your actions in life. This means that you can't always get get get what you want without giving something to other people too. Virtue...that is one small word with a big meaning. I define virtue as something good and something morally right that you have within yourself. I guess that's the best definition that I can give about the word "virtue". So, I was thinking what is the relationship between life's balance and virtue? I think those two terms really connect to one another in a way that your virtue somehow gives you insight and thoughts about how to make your life in balance. Found this really good article about what it takes to be a person of good virtue on Self-Esteem-Enhances-Life.

Virtues – Be Admired – Live A Good Life

To be a person of good virtue does mean living a good life. Giving as well as taking. Sharing as well as using. Looking out for others as well as looking after themselves. Trying to act for the common good rather than just for selfish reasons. That all sounds a bit nebulous to me

And so it may. Yet, is it not our right to live a good and wholesome life. A life where

  • we help others as well as supporting ourselves
  • we participate as well as take part
  • we share as well as act
  • we contribute as well as belong\