Thursday, April 7, 2011

Spacious Apartment

I found another great home decor from Freshome. Located in Eriksberg, which is said to be Gothenburg's finest neighborhood.And once again, of course...if you see one of those bright but warm home or'll think instantly that those are Swedish decor. I just love all of those Swedish decor. Swedish seems to know exactly how to make a home, not just only a house to live in. The house below looks modern but somehow we still can feel the homey feelings seeing the decor of all the spaces. I love how the open space seem to be connected from one room to another but at the same time you can also see the "visible" limit to each of the room. Perfect!

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The Red Angel said...

You have found my dream home. <3

Mie Jensen said...

This idea is awesome! Is this really suited for apartment? The home looks so cozy and spacious; maybe because of the white walls. Hmm… I guess a Japanese stencil art design may suit a kitchen.

boya arsila said...

The house really does look spacious and also bright..I guess it's our dream home now haha =)