Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Ocean World

OceanWorld 3D - Free videos are just a click away

Yesterday I watched Oceanworld on 3D at the cinema. It's a documentary movie about life under the sea. The movie above is the trailer, but too bad I couldn't find the English version. If someone is asking me whether I like sea or mountain more, I definitely will say I love the sea more than I love the mountain scenery. The opening of the movie was this female sea turtle . So in this movie you'll be joining the sea turtle on her journey across the ocean to a place where she will lay all of her 100 eggs on the beach. On her journey, you'll meet those other fishes, eels, plankton, sea horse, jellyfish and other amazing sea creatures. I watched it on 3D, it feels like you were really diving under the sea to give the sea turtle a company on her way home. It is amazing to know and see that the ocean world is such an amazing and wonderful world. During the movie, I cannot think about anything else other than GOD, the Almighty. I am speechless and can't say more about this graceful and wonderful world we're living now. This movie has made me want to always express my gratitude to God for making the wonderful creatures on earth.