Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Positivity is very important. Not just for ourselves but also for other people. Have you heard that smiling is contagious? This one is too, I really believe that positive perception is also contagious, in a good way of course. For example, if you are friends with people who often have negative thoughts, they will surely often make you become a pessimist person. Because they are not very supportive in a way that they often discourage you when you want to do things. That's is why I think that we all have to be positive always, because later on, our positivity will have another positive impact for other people surrounding us. Here are the benefits of positive thinking...
-- Benefits of positive thinking --

1. Directs your focus
Positive thinking helps you focus on the solution rather than waste time and energy on negative emotions. This means you get yourself back on track faster and start thinking about what you can do instead of staying in a disempowering state and repeating the same negative emotions of irritation, regret and anger in your head.

2) Keeps you in control
Having positive thinking prevents you from making clouded judgments, foolish decisions or doing things that you will regret later – for example acting like a jerk or losing control. All of us are prone to reacting like that when in an angry or negative state. Don’t underestimate the impact of just making sure you stay in control and not do stupid things.

3) What you focus on, you attract
The Universe brings to you what you intend and focus on. If you are always negative and focus on the negative things, negativity is what you will experience in your life. If you have a positive mindset, you will attract and experience positive things in your life. As such, thinking positively is not just merely about directing the focus of your thoughts. Rather, it becomes a reality creation exercise. Through practicing positive thinking, you are creating a positive reality for yourself.

4) Expands your awareness and perception
Through practicing positive thinking, you will start seeing things in a different way, things that others are not able to see. This is because of the shift in mindset and focus. If a person is so used to being negative, he or she will only be able to see the negative side of things and miss seeing the good no matter how apparent it is. Once a mindset has been developed, it is difficult to perceive things that are outside of it’s realm of possibility. And it is not just about eliminating the negative perspective and focusing on the positives and opportunities for growth only. It is to being in a state where you are at peace and have faith, trust and know that whatever you are going through is an important experience, no matter how bad it is.(source from self-improvement-mentor - images via

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