Thursday, November 12, 2009

rainy day..

Have you ever realized that adults less to enjoy the rain? I realized that as we grow older, we don;t dance in the rain again just like we used to do back in our childhood time.Those time when all we can think of is just play, play and play. It is raining now when I'm making this posting and I have here beside me a really warm cup of tea. I am also thinking about what most people do when it's raining, adults especially. Things that I often do when it's raining outside are reading, sleeping or watching movies. Sometimes rain can also inspires me to write. How about you? If you have no idea what to do when it's raining, here are some ideas you can use. Not those very innovative and big ideas but just those simple ones. The ones I can assure you that you'll have a great time on a rainy day. So, don't feel grumpy when it's raining...Just enjoy the rain as we enjoy it when we were just a kid=) Ten Ways for Adults to Enjoy a Rainy Day

#1: Take Pictures
- Rainstorms are beautiful things to look at. As the storm rolls in, grab your camera and take pictures. This is a wonderful way for adults to enjoy a rainy day, because it forces you to get outside and be creative

#2: Movie Marathon - When's the last time you spent the whole day watching movies? I bet it's been a while. The next time you're faced with a rainy day, break out your favorite movies and actually enjoy them. While the kids are playing in their room, you could take the time and actually watch movies that adults enjoy, rather than mindless drivel.
#3: Catch Up on Reading - We've all got huge stacks of books that we keep meaning to read, but with today's hectic lifestyle it's hard to find time to do so. But, a rainy day is the perfect time to catch up on your reading. If you have kids, don't just reserve this activity for adults. Encourage your kids to read as well.

#4: Recycle Old Magazines - Along with becoming an adult, comes a thousand different magazine subscriptions. There are magazines you don't even remember subscribing to and you never have time to read them all. The ones that you have read, all contain information that you found useful so you've decided to keep them. When a rainy day arrives, take time to cut out the useful information you've found and tape it into a notebook. Then you'll have all the information you need in one spot.
#5: Cook Your Favorite Comfort Food - During the week, many adults turn to fast food or a quick meal, but a rainy day can be different. On a rainy day, prepare your favorite comfort food. Whether it's meatloaf of a turkey dinner, take the time to actually make a delicious meal from scratch. This is something that is good for the soul.

#6: Bake a Cake - When's the last time you made a cake from scratch? Never?!? Well, it's time you got in the kitchen and made a cake. A rainy day is the perfect time for adults to work on their baking skills, as long as the recipe doesn't contain yeast. Cakes and frostings are both easy to prepare and find millions of recipes online.

#7: Play a Board Game - Adults seem to forget the simple pleasure that comes from playing a board game. Adults also might not realize that there are games that are made just for them. If you and your partner had big plans for the weekend, stay home playing a fun and exciting board game.
#8: Take a Nap - The best time to sleep is during a rain storm. So, the next rainy day that comes along, take advantage of it and catch up on your sleep. Too many adults spend days working long hours and rarely get the amount of sleep that they should. A nap is a wonderful way to enjoy a rainy day.

#9: Work on a Craft - With all the electronics that fill and adult's home, it's hard to remember to take time to enjoy the crafts that you use to work on. Pull out your cross-stitch books or quilt patterns and make something with your own two hands.

#10: Go Shopping - A rainy day is the perfect time for adults to go shopping. Many people stay home on rainy days, so you'll have a much more enjoyable time. You'll actually be able to shop without feeling rushed.(source from associatedcontent - images from and