Monday, January 12, 2009

Important organizing tips

Aparement theraphy has this article about showing us how to really get organize. I like to make everything in its proper place...I find this article useful because if U're organized..U'll find it easier to remember where you put your things which means you will spend less time looking around for stuffs that you forgot where you put it before...therefore...more time for relaxing=)
Here's the 10 important organizing tips from Chez Larsson:
1) Edit, edit edit. Constantly edit you belongings.
2) Let it go.Give the stuff you don't longer need to someone else.
3) It’s only “stuff”.You probably won’t regret what you’ve edited out.
4) One in - one out. When getting something new get rid of something old.That's the rule
5) Own what you love. Don't buy anything just because others buy it.
6) Buy storage in bulk.
7) Corral your Clutter.To avoid day-to-day clutter, keep one containers in different places. Once in a while, empty the stuff out and put all the things in their correct places and start over.
8) Rotate your collections.Switch things around quite a bit and enjoy the changes.
9) Buy white. No print, no color, just pure white.

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