Wednesday, December 30, 2009

When things go not accroding to plan...

Can I ask you a question? What do you do when things go not according to your plan? Are you going to be mad or just let it happen because it was supposed to be happening anyway? This question came up in my mind a while ago when something that I have been planned quite sometime turn out to be not the way I want it. Some thoughts came across my mind like whether it is a sign that I should do other things or maybe it is just another phase that I have to go through so that I will be able to think further later on...or what? The more I think of it, the more I blame life about making it happen. But then I realize that life has been written, but as human..we can change toward the direction that we want to or at least we try. I remember someone told me that when things do not go according to plan, you just have to let it go. As long as you've tried your best, you will be able to find better things all along the way.

So, I kept thinking about it again and again. I came up with a thought that
maybe something needs to be changed. Maybe we have to give up something in order to get what we want, I know that we can't have it all. We CAN have it all, but we just CAN'T have it all at the same time, right? Here's some piece of an article called "Making it happen vs Letting it happen". I posted it just to give another point of view about who controls your life, is it the environment or you?

If you were to think of Life as a video game, who is it that holds the controller when playing a game?


You are in complete control of your life. Sure, there are challenges flying your way, but only you are in control of your maneuvering. You can go back, forward, up, down, or sideways. You can jump, stand still, or roll over. If you don't like where you are in the game, then you move forward. If you stand still whilst in combat mode, you will be killed. You are in charge of defending yourself and moving ahead in the game. The end will not come to you. You must get to the end. You will get scared, you will get hit, and you will get defeated on occasion, but you will survive and move forward. You are the person in control.

There are two types of people in this world--those who are controlled by their environment and those who control their environment. In the second group are the successful people. Successful people know how to take control of their environment, never letting others dictate what they do or, more importantly, how they feel.

Which of the two types are you?

Does your environment control you? Or do you control your environment?

Could you choose not to let things affect you? Most people live life in reaction to the events and circumstances that surround them. People let their environment or circumstances dictate what they do, when and where they do what they do, and how they think, feel, and act. Why?

Rather than reacting, look at living a life based on your desires and requirements. Act based upon the focus of what you want in order to achieve it. People who are distracted by everything happening in their surroundings do not excel because they are so caught up with insignificant events. Many people behave in a reactive way to changes that occur in their life. They spend countless hours, days, weeks, even years dwelling on past events. Their time and energy is spent. When people are driving on the highway, it is as if most of them spend more time focusing on the bugs hitting their windshield than the road they are traveling on.

Incidents happen all the time. Think of them as the bugs that hit your windshield. The key is to simply take control of the wheel and look beyond the bugs to the road ahead, as you focus on getting to your destination. That doesn't mean that you deny the fact that things can happen, and oh yes, things will happen. Work on being in complete control as you come across challenging circumstances in life. It may be daunting at first, just like taking your first baby steps, but have you thought about walking lately? Very quickly, new skills become natural.

(article source by Kevin Abdulrahman from selfgrowth - images from xanga and livejournal)

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