Wednesday, November 18, 2009


The last few days were tough for me. It's as if troubles always come and go. One problem solved, another comes along. I think I have to be in some place where the ambiance is very calming. Just like the one on the pictures below. I found the pictures from WannaSmile. The owner of the site called this places as Zen places. When I heard the word ZEN, my mind automatically think about sanctuary. A place where I can be alone and think about nothing. A place that I can throw troubles away and empty what's full, my mind it is. Brings back the fresh soul and mind.


WannaSmile said...

So glad you enjoyed the photos:) Thank you for linking to me and and saying such kind things about my site!

boya arsila said...

You're welcome...Thank You for you too=) Those pictures can really calm my mind..