Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Fate and Destiny..

Last night when I'm about to sleep, something crossed my mind. I came to think about fate and destiny. I was thinking about how those two elements can affect our life. I know in general about the two elements but when I dig deeper to it, I feel like I know only the surface. I was wondering what if I'm in the middle of the crossroad or an intersection. Let's say that my left side is Fate street and the other side is Destiny street. Are we allow to choose between the two? Or is it that we are automatically directed toward one of those path? And then I found this article that might help me sort things out between fate and destiny...

What is the difference, and how do we choose between them?

We have all heard the terms Fate and Destiny, but what is it in life that makes the difference between which one we follow?

Fate is the natural direction our life is heading in. This is happening anyway, whether we are conscious of it or not. It is the natural flow of life, which is set for us in the stars, and is influenced by the others in our life.

We may quite often react negatively to fate and try to swim the opposite way. We are usually not aware of our deeper feelings and our emotions regarding our fate; we feel that life is in control and we are here just to experience the ride.

Destiny is when we bring our will to bear and become conscious of our thoughts, feeling and emotions; where we take an active role in life and use our own innate consciousness and awareness to choose which direction we want our life to flow in. Following one's destiny is much more proactive: it is exciting and full of joy and happiness, as the universe rewards you with these feelings for the success you are having in fulfilling your destiny.

The way to find your destiny is to become aware of yourself at subtle levels: to feel the faintest impulses of consciousness, in the mind, in your feelings and in your emotions. You may like to work on these one at a time by becoming aware of your thoughts, dreams and aspirations, using your imagination and visualizing what it is you would really like to create with your life.

Use your subtle feelings to connect to your Self deep within your heart and other energy centres in the body; feel if there are any blockages or restrictions in the flow of your energy. Become aware of these and, using deep breathing, relax and release these blockages so your energy flows more freely and fully.

Become aware of your emotions and look for the positive in what you are being and doing; feel how you react emotionally to the people and places in your life; again, look for the joy and the positive ways to achieve what you would like to create with your life.

When you become conscious of all the subtle influences which are affecting your life you slowly but surely change from having a fate to being conscious of your destiny. It is all about taking an active part in life and being and doing what makes your heart sing.

Use your passion and enthusiasm to enliven your life and bring the sparkle back; see your achievements grow as your thoughts, words and ideas take on material form and become solid and realised in the world.

(source from via tumblr)

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