Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Last night I watched "F.R.I.E.N.D.S", the one with Phoebe's wedding. The story was about how she wanted to have a simple wedding but it turned out that Monica organized it in a way too glamour according to Phoebe. But in the end, simple wedding was held. Just the bride and groom, few close family and friends..and the wedding was held beautifully under the snowy night. Just like what I had in mind. Simple but meaningful.
So, I guess now is time fooooor..Dreaming and Imagination ha ha. I just turned on my computer and thinking about what to do today. Nothing much about work stuff have to be done today. So I might as well occupied my mind with other things such as daydreaming=p I know it sounds silly but yeah a girl can have a dream, can't she? I was browsing through blogs and stuff when this thought came up on my mind. Organizing a party, whether it is a wedding party, birthday party, graduation party or any other kinds of party. Here are some of the ideas of what I have in mind. Various theme of the party.

Intimate dinner with family

Feel the wind blow full of Love on the beach...

The green calming scenery of the country side

Colourful party with friends

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