Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Guess what I've found. These are cool gadgets for your kitchen. Below, we will see a block for knife, pizza cutter and other cool stuffs. When people say they want simple but unique stuff for their kitchen, other people will surely come up with new innovative ideas and these are some of those cool inventions. I thank those people who can actually make other people's life become easier=) Let's check it out, shall we?
Microwave Smores Maker
Egg Separator
Pizza Cutter
Throwing Knife Block
Corn Kernel Cutter
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Meandering Mel said...

The egg separator is kind of cool! The pizza cutter is neat too, but looks like it would be a pain in the A to clean. Hahaha. And the throwing knife block,with the little dude is totally AWESOME!

boya arsila said...

The egg separator looks a bit disgusting but I bet it can save us time to separate the egg yolk=)
Would be nice to have those gadget in our kitchen..