Monday, August 31, 2009

If you LOVE someone..

Last time one of my friends asked me about her crush on a guy she knows. She likes him, that's for sure. But one thing she doesn't really know is whether it is really love or just lust? And then I said to her that if she only want him near you just to satisfy your 'hunger' for him, it's absolutely lust. This means that it is more into her egoistic side in which in love one's ego has to be put behind when two hearts are collide. But if she wants to be near him just to talk and laugh, it could be love. I can say that it is merely more than just an attraction. If it is attraction, it should have been inside and outside attraction. And the most important things is to listen closely to your heart, when it is LOVE that appears...the heart can feel it. Here's a complete article about how to find out when you love someone. Hope this will be useful for those of you are are confuse...

How to Know if You Love Someone - Simple yet Powerful Ways to Find Out

Most people have this feeling inside them but are not sure whether it is simple affection, a crush or maybe love. Well love is a lot more stronger word than simple affection and attraction towards someone. Love involves much more than what you find in simple attraction towards someone. Read on to find out some of the simple yet powerful ways to find out whether you love someone or not.

You’re happy when your partner is? - If you feel joy when your partner is happy and just a mere smile or his/her face gives you happiness than you are definitely in love with that person. Love is all about feeling one with your partner therefore you tend to enjoy all joys, lovely moments, moments of satisfaction with your partner.

You don't mind public affection? - Do you often hold hands in public - maybe kiss or hug? If this is the case than you might be in love with your partner. Normally most couples don't prefer showing much public affection until and unless they are in love.

Caring like family- Do you care for your partner just as you care for your family? And get sad when your partner is sad or maybe get happy when you partner is? Love is all about caring and sharing. And if you treat your partner just like you treat your family than you are definitely in love.

You feel like being an open book- When you love someone you feel like being an open book and tend to share some of your biggest secret which you would never even share with your closest of friends. Love makes you surrender totally and you feel like pouring your heart out.

You talk without getting bored - Mostly when it's just a mere crush or attraction you would easily get bored after a while. Everything would just seem boring and you would not feel like carrying on any more. But when you are in love you would always have something to talk about, it would never get boring no matter how long and how much you talk.

You would sacrifice- This is the best way to find out whether you are in love or not. If you are ready to sacrifice something for your partners comfort then you are definitely in love. Love is all about sacrifices and compromises and if you are truly in love you would not mind being committed and making sacrifices for the one you love.

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