Monday, May 23, 2011

It's Monday but it's OK

Monday...Monday...Monday. How are you all doing this Monday? Hope you all have a great start of Monday to make the rest of the day be good. To be honest, I couldn't sleep well last night. I kept thinking all the things I have to do on Monday, which is today. I made a checklist on my mind and try to make a timing for every single thing I have to do today. But gladly, I managed to get some good sleep. So, here I am typing this post ... having done all the things I had to do. Having all things checked on my checked list I've made last night. It's not even mid day but I have managed to do most of the things I must do today. Sometimes, we all worried a bit too much about certain things but when we're actually doing those things we worried about, those things can turn out be easy. Don't you think so? So..just like the image must all say "It's MONDAY..but it's OK" =) Here's a good tip for you from wikihow. about how not to worry too much. Have a good day.

Live in the moment, most of the time.
Worrying is something we do when we think about bad things that might happen in the future. So the less you think about the future, the less you'll worry. Immediately stop the thought as soon as you recognize that you are worrying. The more you worry, the more worried you'll feel. Take out time for yourself. Take a shower and fix yourself up for the next day of school or work. You'll feel better about yourself and you'll stop worrying. Still, it's impractical to not think about the future at all, if you have any sort of responsibilities. The next few steps will address that.

(article via wikihow - image source: weheartit)