Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Think Good

Think good..think positive. That's what I always had in mind and that's what I often people how to think. Not in a way of telling them what to do but in a way of suggesting other people that by thinking good, the good things will come along. Even if something bad happened to us, doesn't mean that we're having something bad. I believe that there are reasons when something is happening to us. We can say that the bad things happen to us were only the cover of something good that will eventually come along. Here are 3 tips on how to think GOOD (via)

  1. When you are thinking of a bad song or a bad thought that you can't get out of your head don't try to get rid of it, otherwise it will come straight back at you. It's like physics - every action has a reaction. If you hit a wall, it applies the same amount of force back. Thats why your hand hurts. Try not to throw away the thought, just regard it as any other minor thought, however horrific, and don't feel guilty about this. Naturally your thoughts will move on.
  2. It's only when you regard it as a big thing that you will dwell on it. Furthermore, think like this. If you did carry on thinking about it, you would simply justify yourself and the position you were in. However, this just spends more energy on it which isn't a good thing. Remember, it's already happened, thinking about a bad thing will only prolong your bad mood.
  3. If you're apprehensive about something, think as if it's already happened and gone amazingly. This way you're setting your self in good stead for it. Thinking this way also relieves the pressure.
(article source: wikihow - image source: weheartit)


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