Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Small things..

Have you said "Thank You" today? Saying thank you is not only for those who have helped you but you can almost say thank you to anything not just a particular person. Have you said thank you to God and this life today? Even the small things we often forget can bring us great accomplishment. In this case, don't think big but think of all those small things in life you've been through in this life. A simple smile from a stranger can sometimes be a mood booster when you're having a bad day or maybe a silly jokes that can make you smile when you're having a rough day. We tend to forget about those simple things that make this life worth to life =) So, pay attention to those small and simple things. Those things are the main ingredients of this big life we're living. And the secret recipe is always to say thank you and just be grateful...Have a great Wednesday everyone. Here's an image that I hope can put a smile for the rest of your day..xoxo

(image source: weheartit)

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