Monday, May 2, 2011

Present Moment..

May is here. We're almost entering the second half of 2011. God, time really flies. It'll be a month and 2 days until my wedding day =) I have to prepare myself mentally and also physically. How's your weekend everyone? Did you have an usual or an unusual weekend? As usual, every weekend we tend to do those things we couldn't do on our working days. And as usual I always had new thought popped out on my mind seeing many things during the weekend. This time I had this thought about the present moment. We all know that we can't turn back time, I believe there's no such thing as time machine, the only time machine that we have is our mind and our memory. Those two are the only things that could bring us back to the past. So, I was thinking about how important the present moment is. It's not about what you're doing at that very present moment but it's the way you cherish the moment knowing that that present moment only happen once and there's no turning back..surely there's no "rewind button". Just like the quote below:

Things You Can't Recover

The stone…….after the throw.
The word………after it’s said.
The occasion……..after it’s missed.
The time………after it’s gone.
The opportunity…..after it passed.
The love….after it’s gone.

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The Red Angel said...

Dear blogger of b-spLendid,

I just want you to know that your blog is one of my #1 go-to sources for happiness and inspiration.

Yours Sincerely,

A Big, Big Fan.

boya arsila said...

Dear The Red Angel =)

You don't how much this comment makes my day! really really really appreciate feels good to know that you love the postings


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