Thursday, May 5, 2011

Walk/Don't Walk Chair

It's a tie between love and hate the first time I saw the unique "Walk/Don't Walk" chair below. Found this really unusual chair on uncommongoods. If I ask whether this chair is unique or not, I guarantee most people will say that it's a uniques chair. But if I ask whether they want to sit in the chair..hmm, maybe they won't. Here are what people said when I ask about this chair on my Tumblr. And as usual you can see the post on my Tumblr. You'll see various answer about this chair...

Is this chair cool or uncool?

  1. elleyl answered: ReadyMade Art
  2. fashionfoodfun answered: eh….
  3. dyxll answered: cool! but not so cool if you place it in living room LOL
  4. publicationlabel answered: hahaha,cool!!!
  5. ihopetheskyisalwaysthisblue answered: COOL!
  6. melris answered: Cool =D
  7. kaleidoscopeoflove answered: cool
  8. trappedinink answered: Cool! :)
  9. headbuttme answered: definitely cool.
  10. nayala answered: Uncool and uncomfortable
  11. mrjean answered: so cool
  12. lilmschinita07 answered: cool
  13. showmesomelove answered: Uncool :S
  14. lovesomeone answered: way cool!
  15. gallavmooshkahs answered: cool! :)
  16. annapear answered: COOL.
  17. redmed10 answered: if it lights up, wouldn’t it warm up and be too hot to sit on for long?! :)
  18. tothediaryofme answered: uncool
  19. spgtkids answered: cool
  20. bethammyburg answered: COOL
  21. missjo5ie answered: Cool that it lights up! Doesn’t look so comfortable though…
  22. closeenoughtoperfect answered: uncool
  23. cory-u answered: I don’t normally walk on my chairs anyways….
  24. heartuntamed answered: cool.
  25. sayleeta answered: cool if its not electrifying your butt :))
  26. blushwithme answered: Very cool!
  27. seesuestitch answered: just plain odd …
  28. visions-of-johanna answered: uncool.
  29. miscue answered: extremely cool. in the right house…
  30. purplebrianna answered: not coooool.
  31. rosaliethinkssometimes answered: cool! :)
  32. summerinchicago answered: AWESOME!
  33. nintendo94 answered: love!
  34. gingerbreadzombie answered: Way rad!
  35. sh0wmeyourtruth answered: hmm…well seeming you can’t walk on this chair…sounds very tempting.
  36. accidentalencounters answered: meh…
  37. imstayinginwonderland answered: cool.
  38. countingflowersonthewall answered: Eye-catching, but probably not too comfy.
  39. blueskiesunrise answered: useless.
  40. jitterbbug answered: Very, very cool
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Googlover/keishua said...

on the fence. I would like to see it but I am not sure I would want it in my own house. hope you are having a sweet weekend.

boya arsila said...

I think the same way as you do too...the chair is only good for the eyes =)