Wednesday, May 4, 2011

The Razor Residence

I am not a big fan of modern architecture or minimalist one. I prefer seeing a traditional architecture or interior rather than seeing the modern one. It seems to me that the modern architecture and interior are not warm enough and don't have a homey feeling. But his one is an exception. I don't know why this design has caught my eyes. It is called The Razor Residence designed by Wallace E. Cunningham which I found via The house has four bedroom and six bathroom. What do you think? Marvelous, isn't it?

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The Red Angel said...

Um this building is BEAUTIFUL. But then again, I am a total fan of such modern architecture. :) There's something crazy-beautiful about glass doors and windows all around you that makes you feel like you can fly, but that also makes you feel safe and secure inside.


boya arsila said...

I'm not a fan of modern architecture but loving this house..and you are a fan of modern architecture..I can imagine how you really love the house. And that's very true, you've made a good point about safe, secure and feels like you can fly =)