Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Patience is a Virtue

I was thinking about the word 'patience' and the true meaning of it. Literally, by looking at the philosophical thinking. I can admit that I can be really patient but at the same time I can be someone who's so impatient. Maybe that's because the Gemini characteristics that I have. However, when talking about patience, we often hear the statement: "Patience is a Virtue". Have you ever wonder why it is a virtue? Some say that because patience makes us a better person. It makes us being able to stretch our level of tolerance towards others. What do you think about a person who always be patient towards others? Is it possible that at some point in time, the person will be running out of patience and just blow up? But as a human, we can always learn to control our mind, thoughts and feelings. Below is an article regarding how can one practice his/her patience level. From my point of view, breathe is the most effective way to calm yourself and therefore be patient. How about you? Which one of the methods below suits you?

  • Recognize and surrender. So many of us are impatient because we're spoiled. We become rash and annoyed because we want things our way and right away; we often hurry in a bid to control our lives, or the outcomes of our actions. But by doing this we limit our identity to a small, insecure, anxious part of ourselves. Staying stuck in this small, limited part means that we have failed to expand our sense of self. We can tap into a larger wiser self that can plan, soothe, and choose what to do in any given situation.
  • Listen. Before putting yourself forward, be sure you understand your circumstances. Listen to what others have to say. And listen to your higher self. Don't be so quick to react. Respond instead. Patience involves holding back a hasty reply to someone and accepting the differences in others. Use internal strength to calm yourself rather than let something or someone get the better of you. Really, what's the point? If you look at the bigger picture, the situation is probably not worth your salt.

  • Breathe. Be aware of your emotions. When you find yourself becoming impatient, angry, or irritable, take a deep breath and let it out slowly. In. Out. Breathe deep into your belly. Nice and easy. If you've already flown off the handle, you'll probably need several deep breathes. Try breathing in for three seconds, holding it in for five and then letting it out for seven breaths. Tell yourself to relax. Scan your body for tension and invite it to release.
  • Gentle simplicity. Keep life simple. Don't over-schedule. Give yourself room. Give people the benefit of the doubt and you can avoid complications in relationships. Tell the truth and you won't have so much to remember. Be kind to yourself and cut yourself some slack. Do the same for others.
  • Negative vs. positive. Waiting is probably the biggest act that tests our patience. Waiting to heal, waiting for a phone call, waiting to mail a package at the post office. Some think patience is about grinning and bearing it. Wrong. It's about chewing and smelling it. In other words, turning a negative into a positive.

(source from californiapsychics.com - images via justbesplendid.tumblr)


Tabitha said...

Nice Blog :)

Anonymous said...

Another awesome blog! I have a lot of patience I think. I am usually the one saying, "calm down." But oh man if I am on my period....forget it! I have the worst patience ever. Whenever I find myself getting annoyed very easily I know it is coming. haha but then sometimes I'm okay. I am one of those people that likes things done my way when it comes to my work. I just keep quiet and change everything back when they leave.

boya arsila said...

Thank you Tabitha..

boya arsila said...

Yeah..I guess that happens to most of us before and during our period..I can get very sensitive too and just like you..can get annoyed very easily..ha ha...Maybe on this kind of days we should breathe and take a deep breath...

Anonymous said...

I can be very patient and also very impatient, like you Boya Arsila. What makes me impatient is being treated unfairly, like when I deal with customer service centers...they are mostly rude and condescending, that makes me impatient. Or the example of my neighbours. The old man is a creepy pervert and I got so impatient with him that I did blow up; his wife talks like it's a marathon and I got impatient with her too. But I'm very patient with myself and my doggies. With the dogs, our morning walk around the pond takes almost 45 minutes, it would take me 15, but they're old and they love to sniff everything, so I'm happily patient with them. As for me, the years of depression and after the burnout forced me into a waiting game for health, so I learned patience towards myself that way. I guess that's why I'm so happy and laid back when I'm alone in my serene environment. I'll have to work harder with others though!

Oh, and I'm with LadyBug, when the curse is in town, look out!

boya arsila said...

Rain: I guess that's normal, I can be very impatient too when dealing with the things you've mentioned. But as long as people are doing their tasks properly, I will not complain=) And I think your doggies and the environment surrounding you are very helpful to practive patience..I think we have to be patient enough until we can control our patience.

And when you're with LadyBug hmmm I'll be right in the middle of you two ha ha =)