Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Colors of the room

Bright and bold colors to brighten up your mood when you're at home. I know for sure that one day if I have my own house, I will have at least one room that I will decorate with colorful and bright colors. While also having at least one room that I decorate with soft and calm colors. A colorful living room or TV/Media room would be nice and the softer one will be appropriate for reading room. That's how I imagine the interior design of my house. And how about the kitchen? For sure it will be black and white. Simple and classic colors for kitchen.

(images via tumblr)


Anonymous said...

Love the bright colors! My sister's bathroom which is also the guest bathroom has bright colors in it.

boya arsila said...

I bet in the morning while you're still sleepy, you will be fresh once you enter the bright bathroom=)