Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Show it to your friends that you care for them. Show it to your friends that they matter to our life. Sometimes we often forgot about the importance of our friends in our life. But on the other hand, sometimes we forgot how important it is to be someone's friend. I wrote this posting because this morning I watched one show about the cast of the oh-so famous TV series which all of us love.."Friends". The show that I watched this morning was about the friendship of the six of them..3 actresses and 3 actors. They were not just friends on the set but friends in real life. They give support to one another until up to this very moment. I realize that we all need friends in our life, friends who can assure you that they will always be beside you in ups and downs. Whatever it is, friends are important. If you happen to have your best friends wrap around your arms, don't let it go. Give them your heart as they will give their hearts back to you...for free, so you can use it anytime=)

The importance of being a friend

As we go through life we really value our friends, Right through the week and not just at weekends, They provide us with much love and real support, Through the good and the bad times it is great to report That they are there for us when we need them most, At times we take it for granted as we get engrossed, Our daily routine and affairs leaving us no time, We forget to give a thought until we start to climb Into our bed that night when we realize the privilege that our friend has paid us as we take that night's voyage into the unknown world of dreams and faraway places.

It dawns on us how fortunate we are to have a friend that watches over us whatever we do each and every day, Does not impose but when needed they stay in close contact and their help and assistance they offer, But nothing in return is their need they quickly do answer when we try to speak to them of their benevolence. And try to give thanks to appreciate their love and guidance,

Given to us free and without any catch, They say only that we would do the same and match their efforts with our own if the boot was on the other foot, They say we would match their loyalty with our own output, And be there for them both honest and true, In the same way they are honored to look out for you. Indeed this is one of the life's most special events. Being there for someone is a prize beyond recompense As we would both give for the other from our own reserves It is no more than a friend, so supportive, so richly deserves.

And we should remember and be able to return the favor, Given the chance and the situation we could be the answer To our friends time of need if they are in distress, Be willing to help them out, but it is not to impress Them with our generosity, only our love And companionship for them for which we need no shove, Or reminder to show us how much in their debt we are As we assist them we remember - they have been our star.

(source from here-images via justbesplendid.tumblr)


Anonymous said...

Great post yet again Boya! I wish I could show this to certain people that are no longer my friend. Then they would know what it a real friend is.

boya arsila said...

Thank you Michelle..this article is like guide for me now to understand what real friend is..