Thursday, June 18, 2009

Facts of life...

I never got bored reading about facts of life. And as I am now being 28 year old, I have to dig more into life and hope to be more mature and wiser. These are the 20 facts about life. As I read through it, I found some analogies of life that I have just figured out. Therefore, I am able to learn new wisdom in life. Although I have understood some of the points before, but still learning new things is always fun for me.

  1. People who spend lots of time in other people's lives are avoiding dealing with their own
  2. People who confess "I shouldn't tell you but....." will do the same thing to you as they do to everyone else
  3. Speaking your truth is not telling other people that they are wrong and you are right
  4. If you have to ask someone else if he/she is right for you then they probably aren't
  5. Without the journey there is no point to the destination
  6. People who stick their head in the sand will eventually get their butt's kicked
  7. What you see on the surface is rarely what lies underneath
  8. Courage is not to stand in the path of the lion but to seek to understand why it wishes to harm you in the first place
  9. We are not born parents we have to learn how to be parents
  10. Words only have as much power as you give them
  11. Wise people sit in silence only then will the hear their own voice
  12. Angels are not there to do the work for us but to show us the work to be done
  13. There is no such thing as the perfect relationship
  14. Never put the milk in before the hot water when making a cup of tea
  15. We control nothing but our own thoughts and actions
  16. No one can make you happy except yourself
  17. It is only a mistake if you learn nothing from the experience
  18. I don't know everything so teach me I can't hear everything so tell me I won't see everything so show me together we will grow
  19. There is more to life than increasing its speed ~ Gandhi
  20. Regrets are choices we failed to make

(source from - images from justbesplendid.tumblr)


Anonymous said...

good things to know. #2 is crazy. I never thought of it that way. so true.

boya arsila said...

yes..never thought of number 2 before..but now it makes sense to me too...