Thursday, June 18, 2009

over the rainbow...

Does the word LOVE can make bring colors to your life and your heart? I bet it is. Love can make the ride of this life become colorful. Sometimes it's as calm as blue..sometimes it's a s bright as yellow, sometimes it's as hot as read, sometimes it's full of doubt as gray and so on. Whatever it is...the combination of the color is what makes it beautiful.

Look at the rainbow, how many colors does in have? Not one, not two..but many colors. And how is it? Bad? No, it is beautiful. Everyone loves rainbow. And once you see it with your own eyes. You have to capture the moment and keep it in your memory forever because beautiful rainbow is very rare to be found.

Same thing happens with love, once you have it there in your heart, keep it safely in your heart. Take a really good care of it. Because true love is hard to find.

Play with Rainbow
Play with Rainbow, wear the Rainbow
Ride the Rainbow high and low
Spread the color of Rainbow wherever you go
Paint with Rainbow, create a magnificent show
Share Rainbow with neighbor, family and friend
Give the needy a helping hand, reach out and extend
Dance with Rainbow, sing with Rainbow
Let the Rainbow shine through
Rainbow comes from Sun Shine and rain seven colors true
It paints the sky with seven colors and dazzling hue
It bridges the Earth and the beyond for a short moment
Arched, end to end, never changes, same as past and present
I wonder if there is Rainbow in the other world
Where we go when we pass on
Is there day, night or dawn
What is a Rainbow, how it is born

(poem by Syed Karim from - images via tumblr)

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