Tuesday, June 2, 2009

When places being abandoned

How do you feel when seeing the abandoned places or sites? Scary, spooky or sad? When I look at those abandoned places, I always feel sad. The reason of it is because of the history behind the place. Especially when I look at an abandoned house, I always imagine how the people who used to live in the house. Can you imagine when one happy family live in one big house such as the one below and all of a sudden they had to leave the house and leave all the sweet memories they had when living in the house? Very sad. Look at these abandoned places in all over Russia. I'm sure each of the places kept their own stories and what's left behind is not only the abandoned place but the memories of the place itself.

Russian medieval wooden architecture were found abandoned

This is an abandoned railway station in Abkhazia, former Russian territory.

It was built by a personal Stalin’s order in the middle of nowhere - deep inside Northern Siberia between Salekhard city and Igarka town.

Abandoned Russian Polar Nuclear Lighthouses
(source from englishrussia.com)


Meandering Mel said...

It's sad that they are abandoned. They are all such beautiful structures...

boya arsila said...

yes..that's why sometimes I feel sad seeing those beautiful places being abandoned dor some reasons..

Anonymous said...

This post reminded me of the movie The Pianist...did you see it? You know what I mean? Great architecture and wonderful homes, works of art, stunning furniture, all abandonned during the war.

boya arsila said...

Oh yeah..I've seen the movie..it was a very good movie. You're right, the places looked the same with the one on the movie..the beautiful bar, nice house..all being abandoned..too bad huh..