Monday, June 1, 2009

Where do you want to eat?

Would you like to eat in one of these restaurants? Hmm maybe I would choose the BED theme restaurant instead of the HOSPITAL restaurant. I don't think I can eat when I'm surrounded with blood, human organs and surgery equipments, even if they are just not real. I will get my self dizzy I guess. Ha ha. But for sure the hospital-theme restaurant is very unique.
Hospital Themed Restaurant (Latvia)
A unique, weird restaurant has opened in Riga, Latvia named “Hospitalis“. It is a must-see place if you like gore things. The restaurant looks like a medicine cabinet, while you are treated as a patient and taken good care by the long-legged waitresses in nurses uniforms.The food is served in flasks and operating-room’s dishes and isn’t that cheap (7 and more lats per meal), but this is a bizarre experience that is worth breaking the bank. Besides, the place is owned by local doctors, but unfortunately, the president of Latvia, who is also a doctor, declined his appearance at the opening once he realized how weird this place actually is.
Bed Restaurant (Miami)
BED is the most relaxing dining spot in the city. Huge mattresses with mounds of pillows let you relax with a hot date or a small party, after you place your shoes in a cubby and put on BED’s complimentary socks.The trance music and slow-motion videos projected on screens attempt to soothe you, as do creative drinks like the blackberry julep, a new, fresh-fruit take on the mint julep.
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Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh that hospital themed restaurant is a hoot! LOL. I would NOT want to eat there though! Probably more for the guys with the sexy nurse fantasies, hee hee!

boya arsila said...

Ha're very correct about that..there's just something about a sexy and hot nurse and guys...