Tuesday, February 24, 2009

10 Quirky facts about kissing

This is the list of 10 facts about kissing..I love kisses...So I thought it might be fun to share it with you who also loves to kiss and be kissed=)

(images via justbesplendid and allposter.com)

  1. Two out of every three couples turn their heads to the right when they kiss.
  2. A simple peck uses two muscles; a passionate kiss, on the other hand, uses all 34 muscles in your face. Now that's a rigorous workout!
  3. Like fingerprints or snowflakes, no two lip impressions are alike.
  4. Kissing is good for what ails you. Research shows that the act of smooching improves our skin, helps circulation, prevents tooth decay, and can even relieve headaches.
  5. The average person spends 336 hours of his or her life kissing.
  6. Ever wonder how an "X" came to represent a kiss? Starting in the Middle Ages, people who could not read used an X as a signature. They would kiss this mark as a sign of sincerity. Eventually, the X came to represent the kiss itself.
  7. Talk about a rush! Kissing releases the same neurotransmitters in our brains as parachuting, bungee jumping, and running.
  8. The average woman kisses 29 men before she gets married.
  9. Men who kiss their partners before leaving for work average higher incomes than those who don't.
  10. The longest kiss in movie history was between Jane Wyman and Regis Tommey in the 1941 film, You're in the Army Now. It lasted 3 minutes and 5 seconds. So if you've beaten that record, it's time to celebrate! (source from here)




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I like it too=)

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