Thursday, February 19, 2009

Love love love

Tell somebody you LOVE them everyday..."I love you". Sounds simple but yet we often forgot to say those three powerful words. Why is it important to say someone you lvoe them? Because love is something that should be spread. The feeling being loved by someone means a lot for us. And sometimes feelings must not only be shown but also be told. I am sure that when you hear someone say "I Love You" to you, your heart will be will feel the love and therefore you will be able to spread the love to other around you. Therefore,it can be said that saying somebody you love them the most unselfish emotion because you don't keep the feeling for yourself but you show it by saying it out loud. It's good for your happiness and those who are being told that they're being loved. When somebody say to me that he/she loves me, it feels like when I'm alone in one cold day, all of a sudden someone is giving a really warm cup of choco or tea with its heart sugar cube to add sweetness to it. The same applies with the "I-Love-You" sentence. The short but powerful saying can be said as the sweetener to my life.

If you ever find it hard to say "I Love You" to others but you really want to tell them how you fell. Here's how to say it:
Step1 Don't Over Think It!
Acknowledge to your self that you are ready to say it. If you have yourself convinced that you are indeed ready, when the time comes you won't need to sake yourself into doing it. NEVER plan what you are going to say. It might come off rehearsed and too wordy.
Step2 Be simple.
The phrase "I love you" is as precise as you can get. Any extra words may make it seem like you have to validate why you love them. If you must add on, keep it short and sweet. "I love you more than I could ever love anything, and it amazes me" is better than "I love you so much! I could spend the rest of my life with you. We're perfect together."
Step3 Be prepared for the worst-rejection.
It does happen and unfortunately it does for most of us at one point or another. And let's face it, rejection hurts. The most you can do in this situation is remember that you love them, no matter what. They may need time, or they may never love you at all. Either way love is better said truthfully than said because of pity or guilt. Be happy they didn't lie. And remember, if they don't love you there's someone out there who will give you all the unconditional love you need! Happy hunting! (source from here)

To love and be loved is to feel the sun on both sides. -- David Viscott

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