Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Love = Chocolate

What is the main similarities when you see both pictures? Fancy chocolates and a lovey-dovey couple remind me of Love of course. Chocolate full of sweetness and love surely fills with lots of sweet feelings. I know that Valentine's day is over but lately my moods have been moving towards love. I feel like I'm surrounded by the life with full of love. That's why if you notice lately I've been posting many posts on love, hearts, couples etc.

I read in one article of a food coach that said chocolate is what many people (that include us I guess) think or relate when being asked about the relationship between love and food. It was explained that people use food to create moods whether it is conscious or not. Therefore I guess many of us relate chocolate with love because we want to make our mood become sweet as sweet as chocolate.

Other than that, chocolate is said to be the best aphrodisiac, so tempting and delicious...therefore chocolate can definitely put you in the mood of love. I think it's because of the rich sweet taste that can explode on your tongue that makes you want to indulgence it more and more. Furthermore, one research found that the relationship between chocolate and sex has been scientifically proven. It has shown that eating chocolate releases phenylethylamine, which is called the “love chemical” which is the same chemical the brain releases during sex. So, no need to ask for more information...chocolate surely is perfect for the love-related occasion and a perfect gift to melt someone's heart.

"All you need is love. But a little chocolate now and then doesn't hurt" - Charles M. Schulz

(images via LeLove and FoodGawker)

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