Tuesday, February 24, 2009

1+1 = LOVE

When one plus one equals LoVe...One completes the other one=)

(images via perfect bound and justbesplendid)

You complete me

I never really knew what love was till I found you. Until I met you the sky had never been so blue. No one has ever been as perfect as you. You are my one and only this is so true. You have given me a feeling I never knew. You are in my thoughts in everything I do. Because I know without a doubt the one I love is you. You have got me doing things I have never wanted to do. You give me a whole new outlook on life. I without a doubt want to make you my wife. You are the one that made me put away the knife. And begin to fill the empty places in my life. You have without a doubt made me complete. When I think about you I can't even eat. My love for you is set in concrete. Loving you is easy and so sweet. Our love for each other is just a seed. Just keep watering it is all we need.

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