Friday, February 13, 2009

liking you

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I was searching on the definition of "liking" and found this...

1.The state of being pleased with, or attracted toward, some thing or person; hence, inclination; desire; pleasure; preference; -- often with for, formerly with to; as, it is an amusement I have no liking for.
2.a feeling of pleasure and enjoyment
3.the state or feeling of a person who likes.

And how to know is a guy stars liking you? Here's the list of the sign that you should read if a guy is into you.

  1. Notice that if he flirts with you then he has an obvious attraction to you. Flirt back and have fun.
  2. Understand that if he wants to hang out with you one on one then that means he wants to be with you with no distractions; a definite sign of a guy liking you.
  3. Learn that when he gives compliments, plays with your hair, or just smiles when he sees you then he is happy to see you and likes things about you
  4. Remember that any guy will flirt with almost any girl, just because he is flirting with another girl does not mean he has forgotten about you.
  5. Know that if he mentions kissing you or ask for hugs then he really wants to kiss you or really wants a hug, most likely because he really likes you.
  6. Notice if he tries to make an excuse to hang with you (e.g) the guy you think likes you asks if you have a dog (even when he knows you don't) you say no,ask why and he replies with a "so we can walk our dogs together after school"
  7. Also notice if he treats you different (e.g.) when he's with you and other girls,he'll talk a lot! but if your alone with him,he might act different by going all quiet on you (i know this because this guy I think likes me talks a lot when he's with me and my friends but when were alone he goes mute all of a sudden)
  8. Watch his body language:does he poke you and you poke him back but doesn't poke any of the other girls and when they do poke him,he claims to you or other people that he hates it when people poke or hit him.

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